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2011 by Spikey

I am an original product of the 1970's having been born in the resplendent British Isles during thier opening year. It's fair to say that my childhood was neither harsh nor overly pleasant and was, in all honesty, nothing worthy of a biography or a made for TV movie. I was sick a lot as my teenage years progressed and getting diabetes pretty much screwed everything for the long haul.

I enjoyed junior school, what with all the learning and socialising, but secondary school was less of a wheez. Once I ended a short (two years) stint at a boarding school where my high IQ was supposed to be nourished but my home loving nature wasn't I went to the local shit hole called St Martins. A school still coasting on a reputation won (and then abandoned) decades before. I quickly became bored by the utter lack of engagement, interest or competence from the teachers, all equally coasting until their pensions came through.

When the diabetes came along it gave me a choice, go to school and sink slowly down the grade ladder due to illness and missed lessons (we tried constantly to find a teacher who gave a shit enough to help me catch up) while the supposedly robust intellect withered and died or stay home most days and educate myself from whatever books I could find. I went to school as little as humanly possible.

Banned from taking any exams because I had missed so much lesson time (they didn't want those who might get lower grades to affect the league tables after all) I drifted into catering and trained to be a chef. A career I then promptly gave up because the hot kitchens played hell with my diabetes and because basically, I am bone fecking idle! From there I drifted into and was eventually sacked (for my sick leave record) from various factory jobs while my health got steadily worse. In the end they just signed me off for good and washed their hands of me. Only the current Tory pogrom against the disabled has changed that.

In the meantime I discovered a love of drawing and writing, and more fulfillingly, of role-playing games. From Traveller at 11 to D&D, T&T, Warhammer (back when it thought it was a RPG) and the rest. Gaming has been the one abiding joy through all my misspent youth up to the current age and now I am less mobile, less active and less tolerable to others I spend my time writing about gaming or planning what new horrors to inflict upon my players. At times, when the dark mood lifts, I engage in play by email games and frequent forums, at other times I satisfy myself with computer games.

To some I am known for the great and much imitated Play by Email game that was Sodium Noir. Arguably the largest and busiest World of Darkness PbEM ever. Real life and health issues brought that edifice to its eventual end but I made many good friends and some renown (along with enough HTML to create this web site) off of its back and I still use the name in some venues so it deserves a mention here.

In my 30's I discovered the love of my life and this bewitchingly beautiful devil spawn learned that she could put up with me in short bursts also and so we married. We have settled into domestic bliss with three pampered spoilt devil spawn cats, a garden, an Audi and a flat screen TV but unfortunately no children of our species. She continues to distract me sufficiently that I have yet to get around to my plans for world domination and the sterilization of three quarters of the benighted humans I must share this planet with. But we shall see...

Addendum: the human race may yet be spared thanks to my God Daughter whom I intend to guide to full world domination that she might crush the worthless rabble beneath her boots and make her mum and dad proud! You shall know her by her commanding use of the word "cat" which you will come to treasure in your destined misery and servitude.


I would give an email address if it wasn't for all the spamming and Spoofing I have suffered of late. Feedback is appreciated and I can be found through the usual social networking sites (see below) where my participation is sporadic and blunt. If you want to know more about my life (and I cannot think why you would) checkout the Blog.