Savage Worlds

Generic System

The savage Worlds setting is a relatively new one for us only having really gotten into it in the past few years - although we did play Deadlands back in the day. We are using this generic system for a couple of games at our table right now, one fantasy world, one time travel adventure and my Deadlands Victoriana setting. Any ideas, monsters or characters of interest to others may well find their way onto here as we explore the system further.

Deadlands by Gaslight

2012 by Spikey

Deadlands: Victoriana or Deadlands by Gaslight is pretty much what it says on the tin, the Deadlands Reloaded setting and rules system partly aided by the not very good supplement Gaslight. Although based on the Deadlands universe the game takes place in Great Britain and its Empire and is set in 1888 - a few years later than the standard date of Weird West setting.

Savage Earth

2010 by Spikey

Savage Earth is a fantasy game set on an alternative Earth where Dinosaurs were not entirely wiped out by the comet and have even evolved to become the dominant bipedal hominid. As a fall back for wet afternoons the setting resembled the tried and tested retro games of old, with swords, sorcery, dungeons and even a dragon or two.


2012 by The Troll

Islands in the Sea of Time is a game run by the Troll based on a series of books of the same name. The link below leads to a password protected wiki so will only be of use to the players in the game.