Bloodline: Ba'ali




The Ba'ali Discipline
o Sense the Sin By making a Perception + Empathy roll against a difficulty of the target's Self-Control + 4. The Baali can sence the subject's greatest character flaw - be it a low Virtue, a weak Will, a Derangement, or whatever.
oo Fear of the Void Below The Baali must first use Sence the Sin (above) to descern the tragic flaw of the target. He must then speak to the target, telling him of his inevitable damnation and lack of any hope for redemption. If the Baali makes a Wits + Intimidation resisted rol against the target's Courage + 4, the victim will fly into a Terror frenzy; if the Baali scores three or more successes, the target will collapse in a useless panic.
ooo Flames of the Netherworld (Conflagration) The Baali may hurl blasts of flame which do one die of damage per Blood Point spent; the Baali must roll Dexterity + Occult, with a difficulty dependent on range, to hit.
oooo Psychomachia The Baali is able to summon the Beast in an individual. After using Sence the Sin (above) to descern weakness, the Baali can actually coax the Bgeat to the surface. The victim must roll against his greatest wakness (i.e. lowest Virtue) with a difficulty of 8 or fly into a frenzy; any Derangements possessed by the victim will be in evidence.
ooooo Curse By making an Intellgence + Occult roll against the target's Willpower, the Baali mat cast a curse on the target. One of the target's Traits, chosen by the Baali, will drop to zero for the duration, depending on thenumber of successes:
One Success One night.
Two Successes One week.
Three Successes One month.
Four Successes One year.
Five successes Permanent.
oooooo Ignore the Searing Flames Fire no longer affects the Ba'ali.
oooooo Glimpse the Gulf Beyond Spend one Willpower, roll Stamina + Occult (Difficulty 7). Inflicts visions and scenes from the abyss upon the victim and the horror causes debilitation and even catatonia.
ooooooo Summon the Herald of Hell This power requires a one-hour ritual, three Blood Points' expenditure and a human sacrifice. The Baali may summon a lesser demon from Hell to do his bidding. Demons vary in abilities and form, but will usually be built on somehting approximating to following statistics: Attributes: 10/7/3, Abilities: 15 point worth, Willpower 8, Disciplins: 10 points wrth, as well as a Fortitude o at lest 3 and the ability to heal like a pupine. Form can vary wildly - some are beautifull seductresses, others reptilian horrors. The demons may be summond without the hour-long ritual or the sacrifice, buyt the Baali mut spend six Blood Points and the demon will be uncontrolled - it may decide to drap the Baali down to Hell with it for his temerity.
oooooooo Great Curse This curse is more subtle than the level three power, and affects a much wider area. With this curse, the Baaliaffects an entire city or province with a feeling of gloom, despair and malaise. The more successes rolled on the Baali's Inteligence + Occult against a difficulty of 9, the greater the effect. Crime and violence soar,petty angers become hatreds, the economy takes a downward spiral, marriages break up over trivial causes, and the would organizations become more fractious and less efficient - thus, this power is ideal for undermining Camarilla power structures in a city. A successful use of Auspex 9 or above will enable the user to determine that there is a molevolent outside aura on the region affected; othewise, the populace will simply assume that the times, they are a-changin' - for the worse.
ooooooooo Call the Great Beast This ritual takes four hours to cast and requires the sacrifice ot 50 victims (kindred or kine) with at least 4 Humanity each. One of the Great Demon Lords of the Netherworld will thereupon erupt from Hades; the details are up to the Storyteller, but it is safe to say that such entities are more powerful than any vampire, and that the would is in serious trouble. this is presented more as a plot device than a way for sadistic Storytellers to waste the Troupe.
oooooooooo Open the way (Clanbook Baali) This power needs to be conducted like a ritual to meet the paradigm of the Ba'ali. It begins with 48 hours of chanting that must be conducted without a single deviation. Then the Ba'ali must sacrifice one hundred free untainted souls (mortal or Cainite) with a Conscience of four or more. The Vampire must expend 9 points of Willpower to shatter the seals. Finally she rolls Willpower (Difficulty 10) and if successful she is extinguised and her undead corpse becomes the vessel for her Infernal Master.
It can only be said that unlike the level 9 power 'Call the Great beast', Open the way can summon a Demon of any power, which would include Ahrimane, Baphomet, Abbadon, Lucifer, Lilith or Ba'al himself.
Why is there a Level 10 Daimoinon effect? Do they think they can corrupt Ashur? Or maybe they already have, have the Ba'ali managed to co opt a honest to badness 3rd generation Cainite who could open the seals and bring Hell on earth? The thought is almost to terrible to consider, but perhaps we aught to remind ourselves of the Antediluvians and their age old arrogance. No, if any of the damned were to achieve this unthinkable act it will be Shaitan himself, but if he was somehow managed to perform such powerful magic's with his evolved sate, he is showing remarkable restraint in not doing so immediately.
Combination Disciplines

Icon of dread
Daimoinon 2 & Presence 6
This power allows the character's Presence to carry over onto a statuette or Icon. Any victim who is left alone with the Icon of the Ba'ali, which does not have to show the true image of the Vampire, will be overcome with a desire to submit to the worship of the creature the icon represents. He will spend all his time attempting to be the most worthy and depraved Cultist imaginable, committing acts generally believed to please his new Lord.
System: The representation resembles Entrancement, and the effects are permanent. Anyone who sees the image will be affected unless he spends a Willpower point every turn he sees it.

Abyssal Thrall
Daimoinon 4 & Obtenebration 7 (Shadow Slave)
Roll: Willpower, difficulty 8
By spending a blood point, the vampire may animate her victims own shadow with her enraged beast. The shadow will be hostile to the victim and will seek to destroy the very body it once inhabited. The shadow has no disciplines, except for 3 dots of Potence and Obtenebration level 3, and its abilities and attributes are identical to those of the vampire. If the shadow is destroyed, the vampire must make a Rötschreck roll at difficulty 9 as the Beast is suddenly thrust back into its host body. This power lasts for one hour per success.



Symphonic ear (? Point Merit)

Many Baali learn to recognise the songs and whispers from beyond and can perceive the symphony of creation in certain circumstances. While the Avatars of the swarm once heard the voices of their masters in the cacophonic buzzing insects but the degeneration of that Cult has lessened its skills in this area, still the ability exists and is carried within the Baali blood. Some Baali hear the voices of their patrons amid the screams of their victims or in the orgasmic panting of their lovers, others catch words in the grating sound of swords being sharpened or the rattle of Pit vipers, the medium is personal but the messages get through.

SYSTEM: Besides showing that the Baali is favoured by his master this positive reinforcement grants the Character benefits in social situations, granting an extra dice to roll when leading his Cult or when resisting his enemies. It also allows the Baali to regain a point of Willpower if he spend time listening to the voices from beyond. The opposite is true of those who have displeased or betrayed their masters, the voices promise an eternity of suffering and the victim who once heard only praise is now so disheartened that he suffers penalties (determined by Storyteller) on all his rolls.

Paths of Twisted Enlightenment

There is in God, some say,
A deep but dazzling darkness.

- Henry Vaughan, The Night

Via Hyron - The Path of the Hive

The prime tenet of the Via Hyron is dedication and loyalty to the Nest, to the Cult and to the bloodline. In emulation of a swarm of insects, the Avatars of the Swarm, also known as the Hive, promote unity in a very un-Baali ethic. Unlike the rest of the Ba'ali, followers of the Via Hyron breed weakness and allow themselves to be dragged down to the ability of their least capable. This inherently flawed philosophy ensured that the Ba'ali Cult of the Hive never achieved any worth and served only as a smoke screen for the true Clan, ready made cannon fodder to be sacrificed to the Clans when the need arose. Strange as it may seem, the Path has not completely disappeared in the final nights. While adherents almost never survive long enough to master the path fully, the strange entities behind the cult have continued to espouse its faulty logic to their thralls. It is certainly impossible to guess what the insect like entities who seek the Hives worship actually intend, and perhaps they are so alien that the full circle of Hive existence is all they seek.

By actually believing that the Via Hyron was the original path of the Ba'ali. Its practitioners declare their lack of skill. Whichever mistakenly embraced miscreant began the path in the Dark ages and set the whole joke into being, he must have told some stunning lies to his faithful. Those among the Hive rarely if ever even understand how far from the core of the Ba'ali philosophy they truly are and thus make easy victims for the survival of the fittest philosophy the true Ba'ali adhere to. For most enlightened Ba'ali, the Hive and those on the Via Hyron are less worthy than the Ghouls, less even than the victims whose hearts and souls go to feed those who wait beyond the world.

Via Diabolis - The Path of the Devil

The closest Paths to the original Ba'ali goals are the Road of Heaven and the Path of Cathari. Shaitan devotion to Ba'al relies equally on adoration of a God and self-empowerment. The Road of the Devil as a path of worship works better for the less intelligent Ba'ali because it ignores the achievements of the ancient scholars, philosophers, prophets and visionaries from whose line the Ba'ali descend. At its birth the Ba'ali bloodline was a conglomerate of Methuselah who either saw the benefits of allying with Shaitan and his master or who were seduced by power and pleasure. Of the 13 Dread lords, those who were skilful enough to bargain with Hell without giving over complete autonomy have weathered the centuries to face the final nights.

Religion is unimportant to the Ba'ali, they see the line that connects each mortal faith. They see one sacrificial god's fate in the face of another, Christ is simply Tammuz or Osiris reinvented. They also excel at picking the details out of the myth, understanding that the void is present in all tales, whether it be described as nothingness, or the ocean of primal chaos. The uniting doctrine of the Ba'ali comes from their knowledge of the hidden world that predates all gods and all mortality.

Before the apes became mankind, Demons walked the earth in splendour. In the dawning of creation the spirit realms and the physical realms were all one and legends stalked the land alongside the Dragon kings and the beasts of scientific study. These intelligences were eventually cast out by the fracturing of existence, when the worlds were cast asunder and they took refuge where they could. From Hell to the umbra they made their kingdoms, while others fled to the stars or became trapped between the worlds. As the unified world was partitioned, and the various Gods all became the cause of expelling the Demons at once, religions were born and Dogma became the shaping force of reality.

More and more Ba'ali have lost sight of what the bloodline stands for, descending into savagery and pathetic madness. In ever increasing attempts to please their lords they wallow in vile acts of evil, but their ideas of who Ba'al and his cohorts really are comes not from the source but from Human religions. The Demonic spirits and Gods who once walked the earth have been demoted to Devils and Imps by the limited scope of human imagination, and the growing majority of the Ba'ali look at their masters through lenses of this misinterpretation. These hypocrites forever lose sight of the unifying principle which once bound the bloodline together.