Bloodline: Ba'ali


"I got scruples see, d'you know what scruples are?"
"No, I dunno what they are, but if you gott'em you can be certain they belongs to somebody else"
- Ryan and Tatum O'Neil in Paper Moon


Noble Goals


Elysium was, for tonight at least, slumming it. Where it might usually be found at the theatre or in some Toreadors new found Art gallery, this evening saw it gathered at the mansion of the powerful. Those among the cities Ventrue and their cronies favoured the congressman and so it seemed half the undead in the state had rolled up to rub shoulders with film stars and the glitterati.

Knowing that he is ignored out of dismissal, Valemont slips away from the throng. Brujah Rants, Gay Pride marches, storming TV stations and chaining himself to railings he can handle. Witty repartee isn't really his thing. Although after the 'chaining himself to railings and then remembering the coming dawn' adventure he should probably rethink that list.

Spotting a familiar face sitting alone he makes his way closer to the drinks, and near the drinking hole is where the herd always congregate. Passing the mortal lushes he nods to a Clan mate in passing but does not expect a response from such a luminary. The Brujah who ran with the Harpies looked down upon Valmont with the same degree of distaste as the refined Clans.

"Hannibaal dude" He slumps into the seat opposite Kinkaid, relieved to be able to drop the etiquette his sire insisted he used around the snobs. Valmont had found that his jaded tastes were able to enjoy few temptations since his embrace, but this Cainite was skilled in hedonism. Rumours that Kinkaid was one of the Baali only excited Valmont a little more, such infamy, no matter how absurd, was exhilarating. "Fuck me, what happened to your eyes?"

Hanibaal looked up with eyes red as wine, the blood leaking from his tear ducks painting his face an awful caricature and drawing attention from the humans. With a smile the Club owner dabs his face with a tissue, cleaning most of the vitae away.

"With good Coke, one must expect some …discomfort Val." Kinkaid's natural charisma was evident in every deliberate move he made, even looking as he did.

"Cocaine? Shit isn't that a bit mortal coil for you?" Valmont cannot help the awe in his voice, failing to hide his absolute admiration for Kinkaids rebellious streak. "Chasing such pleasures is a bit beneath a …. Kindred" he lowers his voice for the last word.

"You're the Camarilla dupe, Valmont" The other man chortles "I thought you held these Mortals up as some sort of ideal? And I would think buggering young men in the toilets of my club is just as 'Mortal coil' as taking ones pleasures from the Colombians marching powder?"

"The quest for noble goal's and perfection in mind and body is what we Brujah aspire to Kinkaid. I don't think instant arsehole powder can be compared with the pursuit of LOVE" Valmont's indignation is coloured by disappointment, stung by Kinkaids dismissal of his ethics.

"Spoken like a true Automaton Val. But give it a rest yes, the toadies can't hear you from here and neither can the old man." Kinkaid sits back and spreads his well-toned form into the plush seating. He knows Valmont's taste in partners and displaying his warriors' physique only reels the fish in that much easier.

"True I guess. But just don't compare drugs to Love, OK?"

"Fair enough. Love is a delusion after all. Coke is the real thing" Kinkaid chortles at his poor joke. "Will we be seeing you and your latest rent boy at the Lachrymatory tomorrow night? Got a great new band playing."

"Gonna put my name on the door then?"

"You must be the only Vampire in America who still has to bum freebies, do you realise that?" Kinkaid laughs "Noble goals my arse!"


Some graveyard rumours


"The Ivory Tower has done so much to help us in the past that it would be impolite of me to speak ill of them now. All their carefully maintained Masquerades and lines of descent have allowed us to insert ourselves into their salons and Elysiums with ease."

"As much as I hate the Sabbat, as deeply as the Setites disturb me, nothing chills my soul like the Baali. I can understand a Clan or sect that wants to rule the world, but one that wants to burn it down and dance in the ashes ..?"
- Ashlar, Toreador Harpy


"Ah the mindless thugs, what lies they tell themselves so they might look upon their own reflections without becoming nauseas. Some may say we have had our revenge on them after we brought Carthage low, but there is no statue of limitations of vengeance."

"Listen, we smashed the Baali back in the days of the Second city and all that's left is this bunch of devil worshippers waist deep in filth and misery. Upside down crucifixes and new age mumbo jumbo don't worry me. Like the man said, opiate for the masses."
- Stephan, Primogen of Armenia


"Hmmm the other children of Ashur, how low have you fallen? To think, if only your ancestor been less of a geek you could have been a part of us. Does that sting little dawgy, as you skulk through the trash, sucking on rat corpses and catching bones the camarilla throw you?"

"We are the Clan who revealed their evil to the Cainite world, without us they would have dragged the whole world to Hell before History began. Those few who still survive do well to hide from us and none of them dare to show their faces in our domains."
- William 'Wounded-Knee' Burke, Gangrel wanderer


"How could we not appreciate these oracles, their every prophecy and proclamation of Gehenna adds to the fear and desolation we hope to reap. We envy them their natural ability to see the Void and those who dwell within it, but they are welcome to the price they pay for such vision."

"let me get this straight. They believe all that stuff in the bible about Satan and God and eternal damnation? Angels with flaming swords? Oh my! And you call me Insane?"
- Christine, Malkavian Socialite.

"There are things that wait beyond the visible spectrum, voices in my head, the sound of Gods gnawing at their bonds. To be in service to such things … what might that be like?"
Christine, Malkavian seer.


"If any of our Corpse brothers understand the inevitability of corruption it is those who wear it on their faces, just as they comprehend the futility of swimming against the tide. The Nosferatu are masters of knowledge and servitude and they occupy the position in the Camarilla's world that the Ba'ali will occupy once our masters ascend the throne."

"I have seen more than my fair share of forbidden lore pass through this warren and it is the files from Mexico that trouble me the most. Beneath that city lays a spawning ground for the thralls of the Darkness and the Nosferatu are no less well-represented than the foul Baali themselves. The piety we once held so dear is long gone and we are meet for their temptation."
- Pastor Domingo, Texan Nosferatu


"The Children of Ishtar have squandered their Founders gifts, they are pathetic. To create Art without understanding devotion, to attack the establishment out of habit rather than because you despise it, these are the actions of societies detritus. Their weaknesses are so simple to manipulate, use them and discard them, anything more would lend them an importance they do not deserve."

"Baali? Aren't they just the Salubri? No, well as much as I like all that iconic symbology, satanism is so last century don't you think?"
- Libby Spencer, Toreador Critic


"Oh don't make me laugh. Thaumaturgy? There is nothing magical about Thaumaturgy, it is simply a discipline by a different name and the Tremere know it. What a fools bargain they have made in return for their immortality. But let me take a moment to praise these ex Magi, for their theft of the Salubri's seat has aided our own masquerade immensely. Think how many deluded cretins actually think that we Ba'ali are descended from that three eyed gimp and you will grow to love the Tremere as I do."

"How much credence should we place in legends of Mesopotamian Demonologists? Well my sire has often regaled me rigid with tales of the medieval Baali and their dark paths of Thaumaturgy, but if mastery of such skills were worth the risk would they not now be masters of our kind rather than the hunted wretches they truly are?"
Bastion Dumont III, Chantry Lore keeper of Edinburgh


"Once, a long time ago, the Ventrue came close to thwarting us. Elders of that Clan held knowledge of our masters that could have sealed our fate, but the neonates and Ancillae laughed such foolish notions away and now the only threat they pose to us is localised to certain cities or specific bank accounts."

"There are secret masters who truly rule this world and should those we are raised above learn of such truths I fear all creation would panic. For those reasons it behoves us to let the Baali exist that we might watch them and gain what intelligence we might of their Masters. Much as you may be driven to wipe them out when you discover them in your domains, think of your Police forces and how they might allow the Drug dealer to escape that they might then follow him to the Importer of such substances. Careful men do not cut off the Hydra's head for another two to grow in its place, they bide their time until the beast offers up its heart for their lance."
- The Compte De Lancie, Ventrue advisor to the Alastor


The Sword of Caine, what an absolutely wonderful idea. Daddy is a bad man and if you don't unite with all your brothers and sisters in Granddaddies name then your all grounded. Chaos, panic, disorder, what a beautiful sect, what a wonderful wheez.

"Its takes balls of steel to deal with the Devil coz' it ain't a level playing field, trust me, I know. Old Nick and his cronies have all the aces and unless you can Bluff Satan himself your fucked. Now imagine if you're a Ba'ali, you're already in debt to the house before you even sit at the table, what hope have you got then? Ok I'll just wait here while you do the maths … Don't strain yourself .... With me now? Good! Now one Ba'ali in a million might have the gonads to bargain with the Infernal and not loose his shirt. Only problem is there ain't a thousand of these Muppets, let alone a Million. Nuff sed?"
- Dylan Bruce, Sabbat Templar, Ventrue Antetribu and Infernalist


We have, from time to time, allied ourselves with the Magisters and shared our combined mastery of the Darkness for fun and profit. The grasp of certain lore that the Lasombra require to rise in their Clan opens them to an understanding of our Bloodline. This alliance is no better illustrated than among Azaneal's Angellis Ater Baali whose Cult is shaped by Lasombra philosophies.

"Pah, simple minded fools, the Baali lack the wit or the subtlety to be worthy of any respect and are easy to manipulate. They care little which darkness they serve and any Lasombra worth his salt can have them running his errands and taking the fall when the night is over. Once Gehenna comes, these idiots will not even have the power to survive the first battle let alone to inherit the earth."
- Don Santiago, Bishop of Gotham


"Now what can I tell you about the Tzimisce? That they are diabolically fiendish, that they are forever tied to their eastern kingdoms, that they have left their humanity far far behind them. All that you know I am sure. What a Baali needs to know about the Tzimisce is that they are rotten inside, corrupted by something other. Treat them not as vampires but as creatures from the Void every bit as alien as the Hellions or Imps you might summon for power and knowledge."

"Do not waste my time whelp, everything you need to know about the Baali you can discover elsewhere. The library at my summer residence contains more factual knowledge of the Unborn than this paltry bloodline has amassed in their entire sordid history. They are less capable than my most pathetic ghoul and they seem happy with such lows of achievement. Neither nobility nor growth factor in their natures and thus they are chattel for the offal pits."
- Torval Ruthven, Koldun


"The man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. That I think sums up the most salient fact about the independent Clans. Without allies upon whom to call them are weaker and easier to deceive. That being said, we have perhaps suffered more defeats at the hands of the Assamites than any others"

"I fail to see the appeal of the Baali philosophy. You willingly enter slavery to what must rate as one of the cruellest and abusive regimes, you're then at constant risk of destruction by every other vampire while you work towards destroying the world and delivering it, and yourself, into the hands of inhuman monsters to be tortured for all eternity. Makes the Setites plans or the Giovanni necrophilia seem almost feasible. I mean spank me with a rosary sure, but this is taking it all a bit too far if you ask me."
- Columbine, Ravnos temptress of the Vaishya Jati


"The Children of Haquim rule in the lands that were once ours and they are surely aware of our nests there. What steps have they taken to recover our lost treasures and to utilise our terrible discoveries I wonder? How much of the Darkness from the God gate and the desolate wastes have they embraced and what role did it play in their recent fracturing?"

"While I respect their devotion to their Faith, I cannot understand why they should choose to ally with the darkness. Perhaps they believe that the great Shaitan is a misunderstood entity or that they can control the Evil Lord with their magic but if that is true then they are as deluded as any zealot."
- Josephine, Assamite Antetribu


"Amateurs! These lords of corruption scrabble in the darkness for the virtue of a few petty Westerners, seeking to raise their founder to the role of God. But who was it that caused Sutekh's fall from Grace? Whose words changed him from the warrior of light and enemy of Apep into the font of all vice and decay? The Setites are working towards the same goal as we are without understanding who really pulls their strings"

"Amateurs! They lack the imagination to truly appreciate our quests, they cannot think for themselves. The Baali are simply the tools of Gehenna and it galls me when the Infernal is confused with the darkness. We rise above our prisons and cast off our chains while the Baali dig themselves in deeper and beg for more restraints."
- Jean Danteur, Childe of Damballah


"Every corpse you screw echoes across the void, every one of your family you abuse calls to the true masters of the world, every spirit you summon weakens the seals between the worlds. Beware little Necromancer for you are inviting in forces you cannot hope to master."

"While the art of Necromancy requires a strong intellect and the ability to crush the weak, Demonology seems to be more about blindly searching in the Darkness. Perhaps if we Giovanni where to turn our vast reservoir of bargaining skill to the Baali's art we could eclipse them in very short order. I wonder what the other Clans would pay for the destruction of such an endearing bogeyman?"
- Antonio Giovanni, Family Don of Gotham


"For centuries the Ravnos lands were at the edge of our eastern borders. While we ruled in Kala-at-Sherghat the Tricksters remained apart and alone, but what did they know of our founder? Too many rumours persist that Ashur was the Childe of Ravnos for us to dismiss them and surely Shaitan himself must have met them in his Eastern sojourn. What transpired between the first Baali and these most unknown of Vampires? If only we could find some common ground with the Ravnos, but alas they despise us every bit as much as they despise all non Ravnos and we will be forced to feed them to our masters first of all rather than risk them at our backs."

"We who once were the Div know how it feels to face Eblis, the Devil. We who are charged with the destruction of this world that the wheel may turn towards a better reality understand the threat the Baali pose. You would do better to worry about the Ravnos, the Devils that walk among you, than fret and panic about a handful of Vampires descended from one of our outcasts. A single Ravnos on earth is a much greater threat than a billion deposed Djinn in Hell."
- Columbine, Ravnos temptress of the Vaishya Jati


"Those who are confident in their positions at the top of the food chain are difficult to dislodge, but at the other end of the spectrum are the Caitiff and the Bloodlines, the victims of the Clans arrogance whom we can turn to our cause with simplicity. Pay attention to the discarded and the pariahs Childe, they will always be your appetisers."


"Before the coming of Shaitan the Ahua Can ruled the southern Americas without rivals for ages beyond measure and they gained an insite into worship and rulership. But our Dark father introduced these gods to new vistas and the Itzcoatl were born. The Obsidian snakes are our brothers in Darkness for they were tutored by Shaitan himself and thus they are worthy of the world we will inherit."

"Whats in a name, Baali or Itzcoatl, we are all tied to the same destiny by Shaitan and his kind. We need only endure long enough to see Gehenna and we will rule the earth as Gods. This age has little time left and the Clans haven't even begun to grasp our true number, our ascendancy is assured."
- Raul Guecubu, Itzcoatl priest of Mexico


"Bwa ha ha ha ha ….No please stop, I can't take it. What a wheez, poor Salubri saps. These Demon hunters might well have been our bane but the Clans wiped them out. Such stupidity from the Clans; to take the word of a murderer and his usurpers over a lineage proven over millennia to be strong and true. The entire Salubri farce has, more than any other event, cemented our eventual victory."

"Suffering is considered to be cleansing for the soul, and so perhaps I should be thankful that the Tremere destroyed our Clan and managed to convince our brothers and sisters that we are the same as the Baali but I guess I still have a long way to go before I reach Golconda. The Baali are everything I despise and I would gladly forgo the respect of the Clans in return for the destruction of these depraved swine."
- Sadie, Salubri healer


"The who now?"

"There are countless similarities between the fae and the infernal, not least of which are the circumstances of my Bloodlines creation and so the Baali do hold some fascination for me. Much as I would dearly love the opportunity to peruse their libraries and to ask them some pertinent questions about Tithes to Hell, I fear the constant drive to steal my soul would irk me somewhat."
- Obediah Stromberg, Kiasyd Bard



"Lupines have not been a historical problem for the Baali, only recently have we really had need to fear them. To them we are servants of the Wyrm, avatars of their eternal foe and the nightmare born army of their inevitable demise. To us they are simply one more force to be avoided until we are ready to gut them and sweep their corpses from the world."


"Back in Babylon, the God Gate, the mages couldn't give a toss if we were vampires or anything else, they simply hungered for our knowledge. Our unique understanding of Demons made us popular then and for a small section of this breed little has changed. Those Magi who came out of the fertile crescent and who eventually gave birth to the Tremere, they are always willing to betray each other for the chance of a little Infernal leg up and there are mages who turn Black simply for the thrills. For the awakened, we Baali are a godsend and to us the Magi make willing bedfellows."


"The dead, at least the ones who don't go to Hell, are beyond our manipulations and I doubt they really give two shits who rules the earth. That is not to say however that they don't have needs of their own and they are often willing to make deals. Spectral spies and ghostly guardians have their uses."


"There are enough fairy's among the Camarilla, why would I want to tire myself out looking for them at the bottom of my garden?"


"OK here is my impersonation of a Mummy .. Ooooooh I'm like all dead and stuff ……… Oooohh now I'm not, oh yes I am, no I ain't. For fuck sack will you make up your mind. I mean all that popping back and forth across the great divide, what I wouldn't give to have an Mummy for a thrall."