The Chatiphata

A Revenant Ghoul family for the Ba'ali

Nickname: Predators


The Chatiphata whose name means Ghoul, but also translates as predator, grabber or robber are the patriarchal ghoul family of the Baali Bloodline. Controlled breeding and harsh lifestyles have led to the development of a brutal and hardy family and the Chatiphata are employed as physical muscle and as sporting combatants. While any Baali who needs to protect himself might surround himself with Chatiphata bodyguards, the attention this might draw from other Vampires is often a negating factor. The Revenants are often employed as slaves and pets but their most common role is in the Baali 'dog fights'. Baali pit specially trained Ghouls against each other in fights to the death and vast amounts of money, boons, vessels and information is wagered on the results.

In the past the Chatiphata were simply a nomadic tribe in the lands of Kala-at-Sherghat whom the original Ashurian outcasts enslaved. In the earliest nights of the Baali Bloodline the Chatiphata were used in raiding parties to capture slaves for their pleasure. As the Baali cemented their powerbase and enlarged their territories the Chatiphata formed the core of the Baali armies and the remaining strains of the family are descended from those Ghouls who excelled in battle and bloodshed. Their outlook on life follows simplistic lines, might is right and compassion is a sure sign of weakness. Where the Revenants were once skilled soldiers and bred as many cunning tacticians and generals as they did giant thugs and heroic warriors much of the intelligencia has been bred out of the blood in the final nights.

The thoughts and beliefs of the Chatiphata have been manipulated and influenced by the Baali for centuries and to them the downside of bartering their souls in return for improvements and powers isn't worthy of consideration. While all such deals go through the Chatiphata regents and those Baali are careful not to let the ghoul squander the whole of their resources, such practices are widespread. Many Chatiphata sport infernal Investments that make them better suited to existence as a Baali pet or servant, and these revenants are often quite capable of going head to head with a Tzimisce revenant and its arsenal of Vicissitude endowments. Certain Baali are famed for their winged ghouls or four armed fighting 'hounds'.

Lacking the autonomy of the D'habi or the Shi'lat families the Chatiphata are kept closer to their regents and have less influence in the mortal world. When not involved in their duties for the Baali the Chatiphata train vigorously, perfecting their fighting prowess and generally overdoing the sirloin and steroids diet. Small cells of Chatiphata remain on 'alert' in case the Clan needs to call upon them. This practice echoes the nights when the Baali of the dark Ages still felt powerful enough to face off against a small collection of local Cainites and almost all Baali now realise that discovery ultimately equates with destruction.


Chatiphata are bred to be tough and rugged, and they are given plenty of opportunities to 'beef up' The vast majority of the family are well toned and fit and their Middle eastern heritage is quite evident. The individual tastes of Baali regents will dictate the Ghouls aesthetic image, and many Chatiphata sport physical Investments or armour, especially those used in fights or as body guards.

Family estates:
The Chatiphata maintain a stronghold in Kuwait and a second one in Texas. Both of these estates contain training facilities and large underground bunkers in which the revenants store huge cache of weapons. More than once the Chatiphata estates have come close to being discovered by UN weapons inspectors or by locals, but for now they remain obfuscated. Smaller and less well appointed estates and farmsteads house Chatiphata across the globe with the majority in the Middle east, Asia minor and east Africa.

Child raising among the Chatiphata resembles that in the third world or in banana republics, with combat exercises and bomb manufacturing playing a greater role than literature and the humanities. That isn't to say that Chatiphata children do not attend schools in the modern era, only that these teachings are viewed as secondary to hours of extra curricular sports and black ops instruction at home.

Some forward thinking Chatiphata have begun to send their offspring to military school and even to having them enrol for a term in the armed forces before they join the family business. Once accepted as an adult the Chatiphata join whichever industry the local family is involved with, usually organised crime, martial arts or private militia. They are kept at a constant state of readiness throughout their lives and are slowly introduced to the true duties of ghouldom until placed in the service of a Baali regent or killed in a sporting event to entertain the Masters.

Disciplines: As well as the standard Potence made available to all Ghouls the Chatiphata often master Celerity, Dominate and Fortitude. In addition many Chatiphata are given Investments by thier regents patrons and could sport a vast array of powers.

Weaknesses: Chatiphata have always been prone to unnatural desires and have been allowed to exercise their might for far too long. The end result is that these revenants will instinctively lash out when provoked and when they see something they desire they will take it without a second thought. The Chatiphata are at a permanent +2 penalty on all rolls for Instinct (Self-Control is simply unknown among the Chatiphata) and are especially prone to crimes of kidnapping and raping objects of their desires. While the Chatiphata gain no more benefits than other Ghouls from the frenzy, they are a hundred times more likely to loose their cool in such a way and this reason above all others forces the Baali to keep them on a very short leash.

Preferred roads: The Path of Evil Revelations is far more common among the Chatiphata than it is for their sisters in the Shi'lat and the Paths of the Feral heart and of Power and the Inner voice both come a close second. The path of Harmony is followed by a very few Chatiphata with the requisite amount of foresight, but this is an increasingly rare practice. Finally a version of the Path of Metamorphosis that panders to the Chatiphata belief in themselves and their Infernal Investments has begun to return to popularity in the past century.

Family organisation: For the Chatiphata the pecking order is simple to understand, the toughest and meanest are at the top, they get the best cars, the best seats and all the best food and even the odd visit from the Shi'lat while the weakest, get scraps from the table, never get to breed and eventually starve.

Baali duties:

The Chatiphata still fulfil their original role as raiding parties, snatching mortals to be used in Baali revels or as slaves, but they have also grown to become the major military force of the Baali and at times those who can still pass as human will pose as mundane ghouls to protect their regents in the field. As the world turns and overt force becomes less of an aid and more of a hindrance, the Baali find new duties for their slaves. The Chatiphata have become like favoured pets, being bred for ferocity and brute force so they may be pitted against one another in dogfights or as the centre of executions in the Baali gladiatorial pits. Due to the careful manipulations of the Baali the Chatiphata themselves thrive in the roles of the lions and willing eat whatever 'Christians' their masters feed them.