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2011 by Spikey
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Project: Khaos is nothing more than a site for me (Spikey) to share my ego and my ideas. It includes a private area for our RPG games, some additional content for a few systems and an extremely unnofficial resource site for games set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, albeit with a twist from yours truly.

If you want to know whats up and why - checkout the Blog.


These days we have widened the scope of the games we play (whilst reducing the amount of time we spend playing them) and I am inspired to write stuff outside of my comfort zone. Currently we are playing:

The World of Darkness

The WoD (World of Darkness) area of the site has a few new bloodlines for Vampire, a handful of new or revised shapeshifting Breeds and a few Changeling Kith's. There are a few resources such as Changeling Art's and articles on running a unified World of Darkness as well as a completely revised Clan page for the the Ba'ali.

If you want content for the Pale Puppies new lines, known by fans as the nWoD, I am afraid this is not the place. There's nothing in that line that has inspired me to write and I pretty much hate every word that has come out of the studio this millennium. But there is still a VERY healthy community of us old Skool (oWoD) fans and this site is still growing in content so don't think this is a dead setting or a forgotten wonderland.

Currently I am working on:a World of Darkness: Mummy - Revised setting based on the 1st and 2nd edition Mummy books which deliberatly ignores Mummy: the Resurrection> Other current projects include;

  1. Egun - the African Fae
  2. Asura - The Indian Fae
  3. Ajaba - Werehyena

The most ambitious projects such as DEMON: the HIDDEN* - the Spikeyverse version of the Demon Rules, a system that predates the awful 'Demon: the Fallen' by about eight years and based on the rules for the infernal printed in the 1st and 2nd edition system, a new Clanbook Ravnos and an India by Night may never see a final draft. On the other hand one can never tell .....


2012 by Spikey and Popuptoaster

We live in a Newtonian world of Einsteinian physics ruled by Frankenstein logic.
- David Russell.

Hauntspace is basically a haunted house story writ large. The house which you cannot escape is the Sol solar system, and like in any good haunted house story you are in as much danger from your peers as from the boogieman itself. The rich and powerful believe they can buy their way out of danger while the thugs believe they can succeed through might and the intelligent seek a way to manipulate the situation to their own gain. All the while each of them is itching to throw the weak into the maw of any threat that arises for a few more seconds of life.

Although the setting is sci-fi with elements of horror and fantasy, the technology and science is very much hard science. Based on current theories and understanding of the universe as best the writers understand them. The places your characters will visit are not alien worlds (mostly), they are the planets and moons of our own solar system. The aliens you meet come not from other worlds, they come from within, they are us after science has altered them to serve another purpose. Or they are the familiar twisted by the energies of another dimension we wish we had never discovered.

Hauntspace index - click here


Get Your Dice Out For The Lads

GYDOFTL (Get Your Dice Out For The Lads) is the private (password protected) area for my own table top Gaming group. If you need to know what it contains, you'll already have access to it!

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2011 by Spikey
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Ok, so thats the basics, now what do you put on the front page of a website if your worried about looking lame? Not this obviously! So I guess I'll just blunder on and admit to my inherent lame gene. Most of the stuff on here is for us Role-players, If your not one of us weird role-players this site will bore you rigid, and while some of you may enjoy being Bored or being rigid, this isn't one of those times! If you don't know what Roleplaying is, tough, I ain't feeling evangelical enough to provide an in-depth explanation. Us Role-players know who we are, and those of us still doing this shit after we hit 30 know better than to admit it in polite company.

This site is basic, usually faulty and permanently revised. It serves as an outlet for my vast and unsupported Ego. One should not assume that just because something looks finished that it necessarily is. My attention wanders back and forth like a drunken hobo and so I tend to post stuff at various stages of completion, thinking I will eventually go back and fix, tidy up or rewrite the bits that are faulty. For similar reasons I will often go back and simplify pages after looking at them long enough to realise that my tacky nature has allowed them to become ugly, I suggest you squint at the worst uses of glaring colours and concentrate on the content beneath (not that the content is necessarily any better).